Why me?

Who needs an ad agency anymore?

The advertisers I work with are dissatisfied with the traditional full-service agency model. They know that a so-called one-stop agency will bill them for services and infrastructure which they need infrequently or not at all, and that the services they do provide are often inferior to that which is provided by independent specialists. They also know that only the biggest-spending clients of a traditional agency get the attention of its most senior creatives. They work with me because I don't waste time exploring creative avenues which are inconsistent with their brand values, and because I only charge them for the time it takes me to solve their problems. They know that I have partnerships with other, equally experienced creatives, in many different countries, and because I am happy to work with their own suppliers to ensure a seamless delivery of their brand's messaging. 

Who needs ideas anymore?

Successful brands are those whose advertising first articulates their brand offering in a way which distinguishes them from the competition, and then keeps that brand offering fresh in subsequent communication. A good campaign idea is one which makes the consumer re-evaluate a brand without putting long-term, hard-earned brand equity at risk. Traditional ad agencies are full of bright young people capable of generating ideas. But many of these ideas achieve short-term impact at the expense of long-term equity. At local, regional and global  levels, today's advertisers need good creative ideas - and the experienced creative people who can generate them - more than ever.

Who needs words anymore?

In today's fiercely competitive, product-parity world, few advertisers can claim to offer consumers something truly unique, and those that do can rarely sustain a competitive edge for very long. More than ever before, brands need a distinctive voice — rather than an unbeatable offer — to stand out. And the way a brand talks about itself — the language it uses in everything from voiceovers to web copy to jingles to billboard headlines — can establish and maintain that distinctive voice more effectively than any other tool in the box.